Mark Hubbs

Mark Hubbs
Director, International Sales
Amatrol, Inc.

Company Description: Amatrol develops training systems for the expanding needs of the industrial automation sector, as well as engineering, technical fundamentals, and renewable energy. They collaborate with schools and industry leaders to ensure that new developments meet the needs of these emerging technologies. As a result, Amatrol has been the recipient of the Presidential E-Award among other esteemed awards and recognition.

Experience Summary: Mark has over ten years of experience in international sales in the field of training for industrially relevant skills. Mark holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a licensed Professional Engineer. Prior to coming to Amatrol, he spent more than sixteen years in a variety of engineering roles in areas such as the paper industry, manufacturing and in automotive industry in roles as engineering, engineering management, and program management. Mark’s career in industry includes experiences living abroad in locales around the world including USA, Mexico, Central America, and Germany.

As Director at Amatrol, his role is to oversee the worldwide sales and distribution of training products to the secondary institutes, post-secondary educational, and industry clients. Mark has been involved in many projects focusing on developing effective instructional environments to help prepare a skilled workforce.  These environments include student learning materials and hands-on equipment that ensures both knowledge of the various technologies and effective problem-solving skills.

Mark is passionate about developing and maintaining a worldwide network of distributors and customers. Likewise, he sees himself somewhat as an ambassador for the US as he hosts hundreds of customers at our corporate office in Jeffersonville, Indiana from around the world. IDEC member since 2021.