Oleg Gostomelsky

Oleg Gostomelsky, IDEC Vice Chair – Membership
Vice President of International Operations
Mursix Corporation
(317) 450-6053

Company Description: Mursix Corporation is a vertically integrated, high tech manufacturing and engineering company supplying automotive and other industries worldwide.

Experience Summary: Oleg has over 20 years of international business experience. Prior to joining Mursix, while serving as the Managing Director of European Operations for Telamon Corporation, Oleg launched the Telamon-Europe division establishing and growing a manufacturing plant in North Macedonia, which was a 2019 Emerging Europe Awards finalist in the Foreign Direct Investment category. As a Vice President of Hoosier Gasket Corporation, he opened a warehouse/distribution center in Ukraine, a sales office in Russia and a manufacturing plant in China.  His European Business Development Program received the 2017 US President’s “E” Award – the highest export award given by the US Government. Oleg earned a BS from the US Military Academy at West Point and an MA in Business Policy from the State University of New York (SUNY).